Julio Antao fim
Júlio Antão


Júlio Antão, artist, born in Albufeira, had his first academic steps in art at the Escola Secundária Tomás Cabreira between 1982 and 1984, with the teachers Aníbal Ruivo and the painter Rosa Trindade.

Between 1983 and 1985 studied oil-painting under the painter José Manuel. His first experience in exhibitions took place in 1985 at the “Círculo Cultural do Algarve”, in Faro at the exhibition “Colectiva do final de Curso de Pintura a Óleo” at INATEL, in Faro.

In the years 1997, 1999, 2000 and 2005 he took part in an exhibition “Cores e Formas dos Nossos Artistas”, at the Galeria Municipal de Albufeira, winning a third prize with the oil painting entitled “Contacto” in 1997 and a second prize with the sculpture “Medo” in 2005.

His range of talents include sculpture, painting, design, publicity, interior design and photography. Through his almost perfect reproduction of objects and forms, the artist wishes to transmit a message with his work and this is not to be aware of all that is happening in the world.

Always conscious of not shocking the observer, the artist recreates in his work, areas of great tranquillity in which the observer is invited to contemplate without offence.

However, deeper observation of these areas in this work carry us to a disturbing conclusion. The artist’s concern for the world and environment in which he lives, is reflected in the materials he has been using in his most recent works. Examples can be found in his sculptures and mixed technical work which uses recyclable materials.

We can therefore say that beyond colour, form, texture and other artistic elements, the artist constantly lets us know his current preoccupation.

Having moved through a phase where the artist’s technical style was more defined he now takes us passed a static absolution taking us further than just mere forms.

One can also observe in some of his more recent works, an apparent minimalism.

Some of Júlio Antão’s works can be found in national and international private collections.

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